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Like an explorer journeying the depths and breadths of a place’s culture, I too have circled industries and functional roles to create a map of our modern work landscape. 

Functionally, I’ve worn the hats of

  • business development and sales

  • communications and small business marketing

  • people and talent management, recruitment and engagement.

Through this journey I’ve had the pleasure to work with non profit organizations and impact organizations, consumer brands and retailers, mature technology companies and early stage startups.

I’ve helped 25+ early stage startups and small businesses build their online communities and local marketing, facilitated hundreds of workshops, spoken at dozens of conferences on topics ranging from marketing, social media, community trends, to recruitment, workplace culture and career.

Today you’ll find me bringing consumer community principles and co-active coaching methodology to develop strong workplace teams and cultures.

Get in touch if your workplace would benefit from tapping into your talent’s possibilities.